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Funding Tools: Playground Funding Guide

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According to a recent study, there is an estimated $360 billion available from funding sources for community play and recreation projects. Organizations across the country and around the world have money to contribute to playgrounds, fitness parks and other recreation initiatives.

GameTime has compiled a list of local, regional, national and global funding sources to help you find the funds you need. With over 100 pages of sources–including contact details, grant and deadline information, and links to grant writing tools–the Playground Funding Guide is a valuable part of any fundraising toolkit.

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25 Regional Sources

We've identified 25 regional funding sources who grant awards for play and recreation projects. These organizations serve specific regions of the country and include community grants, financial institutions and healthcare providers.


32 Foundations

Review 32 foundations who are committed to providing play opportunities for children and families. Foundations include Allstate, Bill and Melinda Gates, Hasbro and more.


45 National Organizations

Discover the grant opportunities provided by 45 organizations who fund projects across the United States. You'll find financial institutions like American Express, governmental programs like Community Development Block Grants, and retailers like JC Penney.


50 States

You'll find multiple grant and funding sources from all 50 states who offer to fund play and recreation projects. These organizations often look for projects in specific areas of the state designed to serve children with special needs, Title I schools, adult fitness initiatives, and other community needs.

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