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Playground Surfacing Key Terms & Definitions


The maximum acceleration of an missile during an impact expressed in G units.

Interpretations: G force or impact force. G force is measured in relation to gravity so 200 G's means 200 times the force of gravity.

Head Injury Criterion (HIC)

A specific integral of the acceleration-time history of an impact used to determine relative risk of head injury.

HIC Interval

The time interval within the acceleration time history of an impact over which the HIC interval is evaluated.

Interpretations: HIC is a measure of impact severity based on the relationship between magnitude and duration of impact accelerations and the risk of head trauma.

Is Simply Complying with the Standard Enough?

Based on the numbers below, we would say no!


A blow from a professional boxer is equal to about 52 G's

Car Crash

A motor vehicle crash at 25 mph is equal to about 125 G's

Playground Fall

The maximum allowable limit for playground surfacing is 200 G's

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