Mar 18

Park Furnishings that Help Make your Park Enjoyable for All!

Park furnishings are all of the little special touches that enhance everyone’s enjoyment and comfort at the park. Most playground designers start out by planning for the main play areas. Once you’ve filled the space with swings and slides, you’ll be ready to round out your plans with additional furnishings that make it the perfect place for people to visit at any age. These are just a few of the best types of furnishings that you can set up to make visiting your park more enjoyable for everyone.


playground furnishings


Create a Grand Entrance with a Custom Archway

A custom archway turns going to the park into an even more exciting experience for families. You can create custom entrance gates with your community or park’s name on it so that everyone knows exactly which park is best to visit. You can also add logos and other images that emphasize the park theme or why the area is so special to the neighborhood. Local history or flora and fauna are great places to find inspiration.



Make Sure There is Adequate Seating 

People play hard at parks, and your visitors will likely need somewhere to take a break after playing their favorite sports game or working out on outdoor gym equipment. Installing benches throughout the park gives people somewhere to rest before heading out to have more fun. You’ll definitely want to include a few benches near the children’s play area so that parents can enjoy sitting for a minute while still keeping an eye on their child.


playground furnishings


Keep Litter Down with Plenty of Waste Receptacles

No one likes to play at a park that is littered with trash. Scattering waste receptacles throughout the space gives people somewhere to dispose of their snack wrappers and other unwanted items. If you really want to increase the beauty of your park, then you can take this one step further by adding dog park equipment, for example, a dog waste bag dispenser and disposal bin. We can bring your receptacles into your outdoor space with style by designing them to match your benches.



Increase Safety and Security with Bike Racks

People often ride their bikes to the park, and they’ll need somewhere to store them while they play. Without proper racks, people tend to attach theirs to anything they can find. Having bikes strewn on the ground or tethered to a swing set pole is a safety hazard. Look for bike racks that are visible yet aesthetically pleasing so that everyone has somewhere to keep their favorite mode of transportation secure. Bring the entire story of your outdoor space together by designing these with your benches and receptacles.


Playground furnishings


Remember to Include a Shelter

A park should also have somewhere that people can go to escape the inclement weather. In addition to providing respite from a temporary rain shower or a blazing sun, gazebos can serve as a place for people to host special events. A pergola designer can help you figure out how big to make your shelter along with the right materials to make your park’s gathering place stand out.


Over time, you might want to add new park furnishings to meet the needs of a changing population. Adding more picnic tables for group events or including a few pieces of dog park equipment can suddenly transform the space into one that attracts even more people. Observing how people interact with the features of your park lets you know when it is time to add additional furnishings that fit everyone’s needs.