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When there begin to be more sunny days than cloudy ones, most people want to get out and enjoy it. Barbecues are a popular excuse for getting outdoors and soaking up the nice weather. But if you don't have a whole lot of space, hosting a cookout may be a little difficult. One way around the space dilemma is to take your barbecue to a public park; many have picnic tables and grills for such occasions. If you would like to host but don't have the space to do it at home, then here are some ideas for having the perfect BBQ in a public park.

1. Arrive Early

When the weather is nice, you probably will not be the only person who wants to go out and enjoy it. In order to make sure that you get a good spot-- or even get any spot-- you must arrive early. If you are able to, try and find picnic spots under shade structures like a tree or a shelter. These structures will not only provide protection from the sun but also help with wind and rain should those things pop up.

2. Find a Spot Near Park Equipment

This is especially necessary if there are children present. Having park equipment for them to play on will keep them busy for hours while the grown-ups talk. With the play structure in plain sight, parents will not have to leave the party to keep an eye on children.

3. Crowdsource the Goodies

A picnic can also be a potluck. If you are inviting a bunch of people, it can be very helpful not to have to buy all of the food and lug it from your car to the site. Spreading the work around makes it easier on you, mentally and financially. It can also be fun to see what everybody brings.

4. Bring a Tablecloth

Look, it is a public table and it is out in the open. There is no telling what sorts of creatures may have used that table prior to you and your family. A good quality tablecloth will prevent worry about bird droppings or whoever else might have been using the table before. It can also prevent splinters. Since you are bringing a barrier for the table, maybe you should consider some aluminum foil for the grill.

5. Be Courteous

This is a public area, not a private one. That means that you should pick up after yourself and leave the place better than you found it. Also, some parks place a time limit on how long a grill can be used. If the park is busy, don't hog the grill. Make sure somebody else gets a turn.

Taking your barbecue to a public park when you do not have space at home, is a great way to get out and enjoy the weather. Plan ahead, arrive early, and be courteous when you do get there. Following these tips will help to ensure that you have a good time.

Posted by Matt Miller

Entry ways are one of the first things that people see when they are visiting your business. It is essentially a first impression. Replacing small areas of grass with maintenance-free gravel or a synthetic grass is an excellent way to improve the appearance while taking out some of the upkeep. Creating a spectacular entry will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Custom entrances put the WOW in a property.

A designer understands how custom metal art can impact the way people feel when they visit. Creating an inviting entrance increases the likelihood that your customers are going to have a great experience. Also, guests will get the impression of an incredibly professional appearance from the outside. Consider a custom archway with your logo or business name to really set yourself apart. This is a great idea for parks, parking lots, buildings, etc.

A pergola can add functionality and aesthetics.

Installing a pergola or arbor over your entry is a beautiful way to improve appearance and create a functional piece of art. Asking a designer to make a custom pergola is a surefire way to set your business apart from the rest. A pergola brings a range of functional and aesthetic benefits to all types of properties ranging from a park, to a college campus, a mall, and so on. Whether the pergola is attached to the building as an addition or it is designed as a standalone structure, it can take an entrance way or any part of an outdoor space to another level.

Cleaning and replanting greenery provides a crisp, clean look.

Visitors often base what they think of the space on what they see when they arrive. To ensure that everyone feels at ease and loves it, a good yard cleaning once or twice a year is vital to improving the property. For instance, overgrown bushes will detract from the property, but so will major trimming. In this case, replacing the bushes with new ones from the local garden supply store may be a better idea. Upkeep can change the whole appearance with ease, but just be sure you don't overdo it.

Maintenance is the key.

It doesn't do any good to hire a pergola designer or local artist if you do not repair the cracked sidewalk. Visitors can trip over uneven ground causing harm and can tarnish their experience before even setting foot into your business. Fixing it is the preferred solution. You can add pavers, install a gravel walkway, replace concrete, or have a wood walkway installed to compliment the style of your entrance way.

Paint, paint, and more paint

A splash of color always impresses visitors and gives them a memorable first impression. Consider bold shades to make a huge statement. You can always use potted planters to see how you feel about the tones you choose before making a commitment and painting.

Amaze visitors with a new entrance. Be bold and add bright flowers or paint. The added equity is just a bonus when you see the smiles on your visitor's faces. Hiring a design company like MRC Recreation can make your entrance way more inviting, and keep your customers coming back for more.

Posted by Matt Miller

Face to Face. Eye to Eye.

The Expression Swing is the only patented playground swing designed to promote intergenerational play in which can adult and child interact face-to-face and eye-to-eye. Research tells us when a parent and a child's eyes meet, particularly during play, there is an intense and significant moment of emotional bonding that occurs. Scientists call this "attunement" and it enhances the social, emotional and cognitive well being of both children and adults.

1. Play for All

Play isn't just about children. Instead of pushing your child on the swing, swing WITH them instead!

2. Get Connected

The face-to-face expressions between two people are a priceless gift provided by the Expression Swing that will last a lifetime.

3. It's A Social Media HIT!

If you haven’t already heard, parents and children are loving this swing! The Expression Swing has over 7,000,000 views on social media and YouTube. Have a look for yourself!

4. Inclusion is Important

The Expression Swing is designed to be used with multiple swing seats enabling children and parents of all ability levels to swing together.

5. Create a Strong Family Bond

The Expression Swing isn’t just for parents and their children. It also encourages older children to play along with their younger siblings, creating an important family bond at an early age. (disclaimer: the Expression Swing will not eliminate ALL sibling bickering  )

6. It's Science!

“This swing allows mutual, joy-filled eye contact that activates the hard-wired play ‘state’ to spontaneously and vigorously emerge. It allows intergenerational mutual play to occur throughout the life cycle and stimulates cerebra-cerebellar circuits that we know are hugely important for developmental competency.” - Dr. Stuart Brown, M.D.

I want one!

Posted by Matt Miller

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