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Playgrounds for Teens and Adults Are Here With Challenge Course

June 7th, 2017
adult playground equipment - Challenge Course

How can I improve the overall health of my community?

Is there a way to bring more people outside and into my town's parks?

We already have playgrounds for children, but what can we do to create outdoor fun for teens and adults that they will actually enjoy?

As trusted park and recreation equipment experts, these are three of the most common questions we receive from our customers. What if we told you that you could install something in your parks and schools that will attract people of all ages? Something that would bring residents into your parks, and keep them coming back routinely in the future? Well...that product has arrived!

Introducing Challenge Course

Join cities like Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Charlotte, and Washington, DC that are creating a fun and social fitness experience for people of all generations and fitness levels. Challenge Course is GameTime's exclusive response to the fastest-growing segment of outdoor recreation: challenge and obstacle races. We like to call them...playgrounds for teens and adults!

Designed to engage teens and families-together-it is a perfect way to encourage multi-generational fitness and recreation. Challenge Course is an outdoor fitness destination that connects people of all ages and backgrounds to socialize with their family and friends while getting more fit.




When I was little, I played on the playground here (at school) all the time, but when you get older there's not much to do on a playground. This (Challenge Course) is a lot of fun and I like to go through it over and over. I want to get a faster time every time I try it.

Olivia Farr, 8th Grader

Download the Challenge Course Mobile App

Challenge Course Mobile App

Download GT Challenge Course Timing app for your iOS or Android device from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. If there's not a course in your area, you can use the app to request one! Track your success, compare your time with users across the country and stay motivated with real-time results and leader boards. Share your experience on social media 

Posted by Matt Miller

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