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5 Key Benefits Of An Inclusive Playground Environment

February 7th, 2018

Every parent would agree it is important to provide a fun, safe environment for their children’s recreation. A place designed not only for somewhere to play, but to grow developmentally as well.

The clear solution for most parents is a trip to the local playground. Slides, swings, and ladders have been staples for childhood amusement for years. However, playgrounds vary in style and more often than not fail to accommodate every child, let alone teach necessary skills.

An all-inclusive playground like those offered by MRC Rec not only incorporates accessibility for children with disabilities, but provides a comprehensive experience beneficial for all ages!

Provides Fun Opportunities For Intergenerational Play And The Inclusion Of All

Most playgrounds are built with able-bodied children in mind, excluding those that may be disabled. They are also built without parental inclusion, leaving the parent(s) with only a bench to sit down and watch. Adults typically can’t participate at a playground because there is no equipment made to encourage a parent-child activity. MRC Rec makes it their commitment to provide fun for all children and generations. For example, The Expression Swing is a face-to-face experience for simultaneous swinging for an adult and child, an industry first!

Creates Community Engagement And Increases Usage Across Diverse Groups.

A playground is an open area for everyone to enjoy. With a design that allows all members of the community to use, there are no barriers on fun. Musical equipment such as GT Jams and GT Symphony encourages collaboration and creativity, while the Merry-Go-All teaches cooperation. By providing a community centerpiece in the form of a playground, surrounding families and youth will socialize and participate together while increasing cultural unity.

Encourages Children To Gain Confidence And Skills While Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle

It is important for children to practice and hone their skills outside of school. Utilizing this time outside of the classroom is beneficial to social and cognitive growth. Merging physical activity with skill-refining challenges gives children an opportunity to not only exercise their body, but their mind as well. For example, Gametime’s Sensory Wave Climber enhances social-emotional development by creating interaction, encouraging cooperation, and improving self-confidence. These playground designs are inspired by the Me2 program that has seven core principles; be fair, be included, be smart, be independent, be comfortable, be active, and be safe.

Allows Children To Grow And Develop Relationships

Human interaction is extremely important for those with disabilities, young and old. Without people to constantly interact with, it becomes harder to relate, associate, and flourish in a social setting. Intergenerational activities provide healthy social interaction among groups that normally would not associate in a space like a playground, while imagination-filled games and exploring new social roles allows children to build essential relationship skills.

Learning While In An Entertaining and New Environment

When it comes to learning, it is not always fun and games. For example, children with disabilities may not enjoy school as much as others due to the extra assistance they may need. An inclusive playground teaches crucial developmental skills in the form of fun. All equipment aims to fulfill one of the five developmental learning abilities: physical, cognitive, communication, social-emotional, and sensory. Children will have fun while they promote their auditory, visual, and tactical senses, with bright colors and award-winning designs capturing their imagination and attention.


When it comes to playgrounds, leave it to MRC Rec to create a beneficial, inclusive environment for all ages. Not only will every member of a community be accounted for, but the hours of fun and development will last a lifetime.

Let's talk inclusion!

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Posted by Matt Miller

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