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Early Childhood Playgrounds

Playground for Early Childhood, Day Cares & Preschools

Our early childhood play equipment is made with the highest quality materials possible to promote durability & safety. Although basic at this age, early childhood play equipment is designed for the maximum growth for children both physically and mentally.  MRC’s play equipment strives to promote growth in children of all ages, beginning with our toddler and infant play structures.  Generally, this line of play equipment is designed and manufactured for children ages 2-5.

Our early childhood playground equipment can be installed almost anywhere!  We offer a variation of mounting options including indoor or outdoor, over soft earth, or over surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.  The ease of installation makes our equipment ideal for early childhood centers, preschools, day care centers, churches and campgrounds in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New England, California, and Oregon

Aside from our early childhood play structures, we also offer a wide selection of freestanding play pieces such as spinners, garden planters, talk tubes, music makers, crawl tubes, and more!

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