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Synthetic Ice

Synthetic Ice for Hockey & Figure Skating

Synthetic ice is perfect for year round skating no matter the temperature!

Our ice looks, feels and performs like ice.  Simply lace up your skates and go!  Ideal for hockey, figure skating, or just fun, our synthetic ice transforms your backyard, community rink, or elite training center into the closest thing to real ice!  Independent testing confirms that our synthetic ice product has a similar co-efficient of friction as a fresh ice surface!

Skate no matter what the venue or weather is!

Since 2005, our synthetic ice manufacturer has been working to develop an "ice surface" made of synthetic materials that allows for skating activities, indoor or outdoor regardless of weather conditions.  Our product has many potential applications for sports and recreation in both indoor and outdoor rinks, winter holiday and special event venues, as well as shopping malls and schools.

Extremely durable & installs readily

  • Stands up to the rigors of hockey and figure skating
  • Easy to install (and remove) on any firm, level surface
  • Dimensionally stable with both vertical and horizontal connection between panels
  • Resists damage from vandalism or abuse
  • Panels can be easily replaced if desired
  • System can be readily moved and stored or transported to another site

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