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Playground Safety Surfacing

Park & Playground Safety Surfacing & Flooring

Your playgrounds throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, New England, Northern California and Oregon are not complete without the appropriate safety surfacing or safety flooring. We offer a wide assortment of choices that exceed ASTM standards for fall attenuation and accessibility. We have a playground safety surfacing option to fit ANY budget!

park playground safety surfacing and flooring

Engineered Wood Fiber

Engineered wood fiber is a popular choice for projects with initial budget constraints. However, it will require ongoing raking and occasional topping off during its lifetime due to compaction and decomposition. This maintenance will help ensure the correct material depth for compliance with safety and accessibility standards.

Once the newly installed EWF has settled, it forms a “knitted” layer that is designed to support a variety of mobility devices including wheelchairs, crutches, and walkers.

park playground safety surfacing and flooring

Poured in Place Rubber

A popular unitary surface choice, Poured in Place (PIP) Rubber is one of  the best surfaces for ADA accessibility.  A wide range of colors allows you to add an element of graphic fun to the playground by creating inlaid shapes and themed designs.

PIP utilizes trained and certified installation crews to produce a surface that is attractive and durable.  Although PIP carries one of the highest initial investment costs, it is often offset by lower maintenance costs over the life of the product.

park playground safety surfacing and flooring

Recycled Bonded Rubber

Using larger rubber particles than Poured, Bonded Rubber is an attractive, seamless surface that uses clean recycled shredded rubber tires. Often, bonded rubber provides a lower cost option than other unitary surfaces. The product is porous allowing water to flow through it.

Installation must be performed by technically trained, certified installers and requires specific depth, slope, and tolerance of the base materials. Rubber thickness is customized on site to meet your play equipment’s unique and varying fall heights, saving you money.

park playground safety surfacing and flooring

Recycled Rubber Mulch

Made from 100% clean, recycled tire material, these resilient rubber chunks offer the best impact absorbing properties of all loose fill surfaces.  It is unique among loose fill surfaces because of the color choices available.  Despite the higher initial investment, Recycled Loose Fill Rubber can be more economical than Engineered Wood Fiber since it doesn’t decompose, requiring fewer top-offs.  Loose Fill Rubber drains well after a rain and will not attract insects or animals.

park playground safety surfacing and flooring

Recycled Rubber Tiles

We offer a full selection of tiles to meet your site-specific needs, including Interlocking Tiles and Standard Tiles (individually glued to sub-base).  Both tile types are available in your choice of pigmented rubber top or EPDM top. Rubber tiles offer superior shock absorption, low maintenance, long wear, and accessibility. They are also perfect for indoor applications in addition to outdoor since there is no on site mixing required.

Our Standard Tile utilizes adhesive to firmly lock each tile into place. We also offer an Interlocking Tile, which utilizes a patent pending, locking edge to reduce lateral shift, corner lift, and strain on tiles. Brightly colored EPDM topped tiles are also available, which offer a broader range of colors and increased durability.

park playground safety surfacing and flooring

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Grass brings the look of nature to your play environment. In playground applications, we include a cushion layer that also promotes quick drainage.  After the Synthetic Grass layer is installed, infill is worked in among the blades to discourage blade flattening and help reduce surface temperature.

Synthetic Grass is available in four varieties: Sport 40oz, Pro 50oz, and Elite 80oz offer varying pile heights and lushness with infill. Non-Infilled 70oz offers a solution when infill is not desired.  When properly installed, all Synthetic Grass choices offer adequate drainage, cushioning, long wear, and ADA accessibility in playground applications.

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