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GTCOURT Sports Flooring

Proper flooring is an essential part of any high-quality court. The flooring not only has a dramatic impact on performance, but also on the safety of players. High quality sports court flooring has great shock absorption abilities. While playing, athletes are constantly running, jumping, pivoting, and cutting. And without proper surfacing, these actions can cause serious injuries, especially to ankle and knee joints. A player doesn’t need to fall to sustain such injuries. Just playing in a court with poor flooring can do the damage.

GTCOURT is the Best Sports Surfacing

MRC Recreation is your exclusive provider of GTCOURT in the following states: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Northern California and Oregon. GTCOURT features an attractive appearance with numerous color options, long lasting materials that allows the product to live up to 25-30 years, easy of maintenance, and best of all, it is super safe due to shock absorbing tiles that feature expansion joints and a spring tabbing mechanism that allows side-to-side movement and forgiveness on joints and the lower back.

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