Smart Public Restrooms

Smart, self-cleaning, and vandal-proof public bathrooms that are reliable and easy to maintain. 

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What we do

The smart public restroom, reinvented. 

North American-made smart self-cleaning restrooms are designed with a focus on durability and convenience, offering a modern solution to public sanitation needs.

Explore how these smart, self-cleaning restrooms from MRC and Urben Blu are revolutionizing public restroom construction and providing safe, clean, and convenient facilities for everyone today.

How we do it
  • Automatic cleaning: These restrooms boast an automated system that cleans, disinfects, and dries toilets after each use.
  • Comprehensive full cleaning cycles: Full cleaning cycles are performed at regular intervals to ensure a consistently clean environment.
  • Remote control access: For added convenience, these facilities can be locked or unlocked with a button, allowing for remote control and management.
  • Vandal-proof design: Constructed from high-quality materials, these prefabricated units are designed to discourage vandalism, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Additional amenities: The restrooms can be equipped with various extra features, such as showers, changing rooms, park manager offices, water bottle fill stations, and inclusive options ensuring these smart, ADA compliant public bathrooms cater to a wide range of public needs.
smart public restroom illuminated at night with safety lights

Smart public restrooms vs. traditional public restrooms.

Smart restroom technology from Urben Blu and MRC offer water, energy, and cost efficiency, making them your go-to-choice for significant savings and environmental benefits. 



Smart Restroom

Traditional Restroom


Water consumption per flush

6 liters

15 liters

9 liters/flush

Total water consumption per month

12,000 liters

30,000 liters

18,000 liters

Floor cleaning water consumption per month

2,000 liters

4,320 liters

2,320 liters

Hot water energy loss (annual)

No hot water tank needed

432,000 watts with 40 gal tank

432,000 watts

On-site supervision costs (annual)

$2,160 due to remote monitoring

$25,000 due to daily visits 


CADdetails Microsite

Looking to truly visualize your project? We can help through our various CAD/DWG files and SketchUp 3D models. Explore our smart restrooms today!

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The Future of Public Restrooms

Not only do Urben Blu's ADA-compliant smart toilets self-clean after each use, but all the surfaces in the restroom are graffiti-proof. Our anti-graffiti protection allows you to wipe off vandalism easily within the first 48 hours. Afterwards, the surface can be power-washed. All surfaces in the restroom are also coated with an anti-microbial and anti-viral protection that kills 99.99% of all germs and viruses, including COVID-19.

Safety and sustainability are important to us. We keep our smart restrooms sustainable by ensuring hot water is on-demand only, lights are on-demand only, and water consumption is kept low with a solenoid for flush control and a controlled cleaning cycle. Consumables are also conserved: Toilet paper is dispensed sheet-by-sheet and hand soap is distributed by a pump system.

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Quality is Our #1 Priority

MRC Recreation is a leader in commercial park amenities like public restrooms, leisure spaces, and more. We have partnered with Urben Blu to provide this revolutionary modern restroom system that is easy to manage, smart, self-cleaning, and vandal proof. Here are several other additional features that can be added to your smart restroom:

  • Indoor or outdoor showers
  • Park manager office
  • Changing rooms
  • Storage area
  • Enlarged mechanical room for splash pad equipment
  • Drinking fountain and/or water bottle refill station
  • Full exterior customization

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