Pioneering Research-Based Play Solutions with CORE 


MRC & CORE: Empowering Communities Through Play

At MRC, we are proud to partner with PlayCore's Center for Outreach, Research, and Education (CORE). This esteemed group of experts, spearheaded by a team of experts, is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life through play and recreation. Together, MRC and CORE are committed to bringing research-based play solutions to communities nationwide.


The Essence Of Our Partnership


Innovative Research

CORE's research institute's approach is the driving force behind our evidence-based play environments. Their team of experts conducts extensive studies to understand the impact of play on overall health and well-being.



MRC works closely with PlayCore and CORE, integrating groundbreaking research into practical, real-world applications. Our teamwork ensures that our play solutions are innovative and beneficial in fostering community engagement and development.

Community Wellness

What Is A National Demonstration Site?

National Demonstration Sites (NDS) are exemplary models of how play environments can be effectively utilized to improve community wellness. These sites are designed following rigorous research and are recognized for their contribution to promoting physical activity, inclusivity, and engagement with nature. They serve as inspirational benchmarks for communities seeking to optimize their recreational spaces, and CORE research helps create them.

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