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Playground Safety Surfacing

Playgrounds are exciting spaces that help in the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of children. But this is also an area where kids tend to get injured. It’s easy for children to become so absorbed in play that they forget to be careful.

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This is a space where they run, climb, swing, and slide. Some nicks and scratches are a part of a healthy childhood. However, we do need to prevent more serious injuries. In fact, around 200,000 children visit the emergency department of hospitals every year due to playground injuries, according to data provided by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Most of these injuries are caused by falls. The best only way to minimize such injuries is by ensuring superior quality playground safety surfacing.

This is exactly what you get at MRC Recreation. All our products are carefully designed to meet the highest industry standards and after independent research on real life scenarios.

Playground Safety Surfacing

Choose from a wide range of playground safety surfacing:

  • Engineered Wood Fiber
    This provides the natural look of wood chips on the ground. It is highly cost effective, making it a popular option for those with budget constraints.

  • Recycled Rubber Mulch
    This is made using 100% clean and recycled rubber tire material. It has great impact-absorption capabilities. Plus, there are dozens of colors to choose from. Although it is slightly higher in price than engineered wood fiber, recycled rubber mulch is exceptionally long-lasting, making it economical in the long run

  • Poured in Place Rubber
    We have a best-in-class hybrid bi-layer system. It combines the durability, accessibility, and design options of a unitary system with the exceptional safety ratings of a loose fill system

  • Recycled Rubber Tiles
    We offer a wide variety of recycled rubber tiles, including standard and interlocking tiles. Rubber tiles have a good choice for impact absorption, low maintenance, and accessibility.

  • Synthetic Turf
    Wish your park or playground had lush green grass? With synthetic turf you do not need to spend hours maintaining it. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, this surfacing option also offers good impact absorption and drains easily.

Whatever your needs and budget, you can find the perfect playground safety surfacing at MRC Recreation. Check out the Playground Safety Surfacing 101 guide to learn  which playground surfacing option is right for you. Contact us to know more!


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