Artificial turf often gets a bad rap, and there are those people who continue to claim that real grass is safer and offers better performance. However, the truth is that turf offers the same level of safety and performance as grass fields. On the other hand, the fact that artificial turf offers all of the following benefits means that it should really be considered as the far superior option when compared to natural grass.

Increased Playing Time

One of the largest problems with grass fields is that they tend to degrade in quality with high usage. In order to keep a grass field in good condition, it is necessary to limit the amount of playing time and also allow the grass to rest for several days in between use. None of this is a problem when you choose to install turf instead of laying down sod or planting seed. Compared to natural grass fields, turf is far better at standing up to heavy, repeated use without damage. In fact, a high-quality turf field can easily be used for hours each and every day with no ill effects.

Lower Maintenance

Ask anyone who’s ever had to maintain a grass field and they will tell you that a whole lot of time and effort goes into keeping the field in good condition. Watering, mowing, and fertilizing are all necessary to keep grass looking attractive and in playable condition. It is usually also necessary to replace parts of the grass or reseed the field in order to overcome the damage caused by repeated use. With a synthetic turf field, maintenance is minimal. In fact, after the turf installation is complete, almost no other tasks are necessary to keep it in good shape. In this sense, the lower maintenance definitely makes turf the preferred alternative.

Better for the Environment

Grass fields require a substantial amount of water to continue growing green and healthy. As water is one of our most important natural resources, it is essential that we do whatever we can to help cut down on waste. In this way, a turf field is definitely a great alternative since it NEVER needs watering. In addition, you can also eliminate the pollution and environmental damage caused by mowing and fertilizing a grass field. All of this means that turf is far more environmentally friendly.

Less Expensive in the Long Run

Turf installation isn’t exactly cheap, and there is no doubt that the upfront costs of turf are definitely higher than with grass fields. However, the fact that turf is low maintenance, long-lasting, and doesn’t need to be watered means that the turf will generally pay for itself within a few years. Although price definitely isn’t everything, turf will still offer you a far greater return on your investment in the long run.

Works Well in Any Climate

Grass fields can be extremely difficult to maintain in even the best conditions. However, the task can become nearly impossible during more extreme weather conditions. Freezing winters and sweltering summers can quickly kill off the grass and severely degrade the quality of the playing field. At the same time, both droughts and heavy rains have the potential to dramatically damage grass. This is yet another area where turf is a much better choice as it is guaranteed to stay in pristine condition no matter what weather conditions it’s faced with.

At MRC Recreation, we have years of experience in turf installation and use only the highest quality products from Desso Sports Systems. After examining the differences between grass and turf, there is no doubt that turf is the clear champion. Still, if you’re not convinced, why not contact us to learn more about why turf is the ideal choice for your needs.


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