Gain Greater Clarity

Simply being outdoors helps to alleviate many of the worries that bog down your mind. Spending time around nature reduces anxiety so that you can focus more clearly. This is why many people find that they quickly solve problems during a walk or jog around the park. You can also bring a yoga mat to put down on the soft grass or surfacing at the outdoor gym. Striking a few poses can help you to focus your mind on finding a solution to a problem.

Boost Your Vitamin D Levels

A vitamin D deficiency can impact your cognitive abilities. Fuzzy thinking, poor memory recall and difficulty making decisions are all symptoms of low vitamin D levels. Your body needs exposure to sunlight to help it produce enough vitamin D to keep your brain functioning properly. It only takes about 15 minutes of exercising in the sun for you to begin to see noticeable effects in how well you think when your vitamin D levels are restored.


Challenge Yourself to Think Outside the Box

Custom playgrounds often include different types of equipment that inspire you to think in new ways. Obstacle courses are a popular option that can give your body a good workout while also engaging your mind. As you try to plan your way through a rope maze or plot how you will manage to beat your last time, your mind will be in overdrive.

Get the Blood Flowing to Your Brain

Outdoor exercise equipment is designed to give you just as good of a workout as you can get in a gym. Whether you love doing circuit training or just like to squeeze a few sit-ups in during a walk, you’ll find that being outside helps to get the blood flowing through your body faster than ever. Since your brain is essentially a muscle, having proper blood flow helps it to function at its optimal level. The best part about this benefit is that the effects can last for hours. This is why teachers often take their students outside from some exercise before they take a major test.

Develop a Stronger Mind and Body Connection

Your brain is constantly taking in new information from your environment. Taking your workout outdoors sends tactile sensations to your brain that helps it retain more of the different types of information. As your brain senses the wind, temperature and other sensations, it stays more engaged. Consider working out while you listen to a recorded college lecture or podcast. You’ll find it easier to remember the new things that you learned when your mind and body are fully connected.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

As with any workout, your brain just gets stronger every time to exercise outside. Now, just remember to stay hydrated and choose a park that is furnished with safe walking paths and fitness equipment. You’ll be glad you did as you notice greater clarity in your thoughts.

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