Building a neighborhood or community park is exciting. You get to think about all the ways people will gather and have fun in your space, whether for recreational activities like field games, gathering for a picnic, or simply taking a nice walk. Some elements you may want to consider before making any grand plans are your park’s site amenities — most notably, park bike racks! 

Types of Bike Racks

Many people probably picture one thing when imagining a bike rack — a U-shaped or curved rack you lie your bike against to lock it up. But there are so many different designs available for your park’s bike rack. Let’s take a look at some.

Commercial Bike Racks

Commercial bike racks are typically designed for commercial and urban use — think retail centers, college campuses, hospitals, corporate campuses, and neighborhood or community parks. They’re secure, durable, convenient to use, and can be anything from a standard look to custom and modern. Some examples of commercial bike racks include: 

  • Rounded tubes like hoop racks, heavy-duty racks, swerve racks, bike hitches, helix racks, double-sided rolling racks, and round racks.
  • Square tubes like arc racks, downtown racks, and campus racks (which can park anywhere from three to 11 bikes). 
  • Custom bike racks like logo racks, icon hitches, TypeRider™ racks from Dero, image infusion racks, and any custom design you may think of! 

Outdoor Bike Racks

Outdoor bike racks sound just like what they are — bike racks intended to be used outside, whether in a large, commercial area such as a vast community park or a smaller outdoor space, like an apartment complex’s park. They are also easy to use, secure, durable in any environment, and look great! Some examples of outdoor bike racks include: 

  • Cyclist-shaped or a rack that can park up to two bikes.
  • Sloped and horseshoe-shaped bike racks. 
  • Grid bike racks, which can be double-sided for extra parking. 
  • Ring bike and post bike bollards that can park a bike on either side of the ring.
  • Temporary bike racks (if your park needs extra bike parking for any reason) like event racks and U-LockIts™ by Dero. 
  • Total bike shelters (enclosed structures outside in a park that offer shade and protection) like bike depots, cycle stations, and pocket shelters.

Indoor Bike Racks

Park bike racks don’t necessarily always have to be outside! You're in luck if your community or neighborhood park design calls for an indoor bike rack — we have several unique solutions for each project. Our manufacturers create high-quality bike racks that are sturdy, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and can be used indoors. Some examples of indoor bike racks include:

  • Vertical bike parking options include bike files, double-tier bike racks, track racks, or wall frames. 
  • Horizontal parking along walls like switchbacks from Dero, lock docks, or single wall-mounted U-shaped tubes. 
  • Other wall-mounted racks like angled bike stalls, straight bike stalls, and hi-lo bike stalls.

Why You Should Have Bike Racks in Your Park

A bike rack — no matter what kind — is an essential for your park. People often ride their bikes to the park and need a safe place to store them while utilizing the rest of the park’s amenities. If they can’t find a bike rack, they may lock their bike to a tree or another makeshift spot which can become a safety hazard if it’s in a highly-trafficked area. They may also leave their bikes unlocked or on the ground, which is also unsafe and not wise for the rider. Other reasons to have bike racks in your park include: 

  • The more safe places to park a bike, the more people will likely come to your park. 
  • Parks with custom or trendy bike racks will become known for their artfully-designed look and feel. 
  • Bike racks show that you care about the environment, as you’re helping to offer a different mode of transportation to your park. 
  • Having bike racks stops the possibility of bike theft. 
  • Bike racks are cost-effective. Specific designs can park multiple bikes, encouraging even more people to visit your park! 
  • Biking is excellent exercise, and anything that promotes exercise will result in a happier, healthier community.

Bike Rack Manufacturers

Ready to add a bike rack to your neighborhood or community park? At MRC, we present a wide range of superior-quality bike racks to suit different needs and budgets. We work with bike rack manufacturers like Dero and Superior Recreational Products to ensure you get a quality product and excellent customer support. Whether you choose from a pre-designed rack or opt to go fully custom, we’re here for you!

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