For years, the Township of Old Bridge, NJ had an ice skating arena that was useable for only about seven months of the year. With a partially enclosed facility, making ice was only possible during the colder months. Once warmer weather arrived in spring and summer, the ice would be melted and the arena would sit vacant until fall.

With the goal of creating a year-round ice skating and hockey facility, Old Bridge, NJ sought a product that would enable ice skating, regardless of the outdoor temperature. After researching the various synthetic ice products on the market, the town selected one sold by MRC called CAN-ICE. CAN-ICE is a synthetic ice surface that looks, feels and performs just like real ice, indoors or out. Endorsed by Hockey Canada, CAN-ICE gives young players and skaters a synthetic ice surface on which to play and practice 365 days a year.

CAN-ICE offers game changing technology to the synthetic ice industry. It performs very similarly to real ice with true glide and puck response. The ease of installation makes CAN-ICE a portable product if desired and requires minimal maintenance. The product is manufactured with a special polymer with embedded glide technology and a dynamic interlocking system that delivers the true skating experience anytime and anywhere. We can transform a seasonal rink, tennis court, gym floor or roller hockey rink into an amazing ice skating destination!

CAN-ICE is currently installed in Old Bridge and will remain installed until about October when they begin making real ice for the travel and high school hockey seasons. Since installation only takes about one day to perform, they will continue to rotate the surface annually.