Thrive Outdoor Fitness Structures

You were meant to THRIVE!

Outdoor Fitness Structures

Outdoor fitness has been gaining popularity. They allow people to work out in sunlight and fresh air. Plus, they are a great place for socializing. But an outdoor gym is only as good as the equipment and fitness structures it houses. For the best outdoor fitness structures, check out our range of options.

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MRC Recreation has been a leader in park and playground equipment and furnishings for 40+ years. During this period, we have completed more than 37,000 projects across America, from California to New Jersey.

Functional Outdoor Equipment

At MRC Recreation, we offer high quality THRIVE outdoor composite fitness structures from GameTime. These structures have been carefully designed to ensure fitness and wellness for the entire community. And, these fitness structures are highly functional, focusing on just the right muscles and ensuring safety. They are great for parks, universities, schools, and fitness centers. Some of the benefits of the THRIVE structures are:

Compact Size

THRIVE fitness structures can easily accommodate multiple users at the same time. It can offer multiple group or personal training options in as little as 250 square feet!

Highly Durable

All the equipment of the THRIVE system are made using steel and synthetic materials. They are then assembled using tamper proof hardware.

This ensures they can withstand heavy use as well as the elements.

Adaptive Design

The THRIVE system is designed to provide maximum benefits for individuals of all abilities, from beginners to experts.

Integrated Shade

Sunlight and extreme heat can lead to sunburn and heatstroke. Prolonged exposure can even increase your chances of developing skin cancer. With the THRIVE structures, there is an integrated shade that keeps people cool and safe from harmful UV radiation.

Workout Programs

You can also download trainer developed workout programs for all THRIVE models. They contain options for beginner, intermediate, and expert users. They also have tips on how to modify the exercises according to fitness level.

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