Innovative, Inclusive Climbing

GT Wave is the industry's first net climber with a transfer platform attached to an accessible route leading to a six-foot zip slide. As a result, children of all abilities experience a wide range of play adventures and physical, social-emotional, and cognitive skill development.

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GT Wave is a big deal for inclusive play, and it's a huge playground net climber. It measures more than 30 feet long, 20 feet wide, and 10 feet tall. When children see it, their first reaction is "whoa!" - your community is going to love this massive and inclusive playground net climber.

Render of GT Wave inclusive net climber showing transfer platform and slip-resistant route


GT Splash

GT Splash™- it has all the same fun and inclusive benefits as GT Wave, but it’s 25% smaller. That makes it the most affordable and space-saving inclusive net climber available.  GT Splash features an EveryBody Plays® transfer platform attached to a SureGrip® accessible route, leading to a six-foot zip slide.  With its smaller size, GT Splash will make an inclusive splash in smaller spaces and a smaller price.



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