Playground Equipment Vendor in Rhode Island

When searching for a commercial playground equipment vendor in Rhode Island, your search ends with MRC Recreation. We have been designing and installing commercial playground equipment in Rhode Island for more than 40 years! Our playgrounds are located throughout Rhode Island in locations including municipal parks, elementary schools, zoos, campgrounds, apartment complexes and more! Our experience in the playground industry has allowed us to become a trusted resource for organizations like the Rhode Island Recreation and Parks Association (RIRPA) and the Rhode Island Association of Landscape Architects (RIASLA). Our design professionals and full-time office support staff are here for you from start to finish on your play projects. Let’s build fun, together!

About the MRC Team: Aside from our commercial playground equipment design professionals located in Rhode Island, MRC has a wide-range of support staff and in-house designers who are located in our headquarters in Sea Girt, New Jersey. Highlights from the team include eight customer service representatives and nine CAD and virtual animation artists who help bring your project ideas to conceptual reality.

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