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Trash Receptacles

Commercial Trash Receptacles & Litter Cans

We have a garbage can solution for all budgets!

MRC offers a wide variety of durable indoor and outdoor trash receptacles which are manufactured from a variety of materials including plastisol, steel, wood, and recycled plastic.  Our unique ability to work with such a wide range of materials allows us to work within any vision or budget.

Many of our trash receptacles, recycling stations, litter cans, and waste containers can be found in environments including parks, schools, universities, city streets, food courts, and professional office buildings throughout the United States.  The durability of our garbage can options are so trusted that they can be found throughout the streets of New York City!

Need a customized trash receptacle?  We have the ability to supply you with garbage cans and litter containers with your organizations logo on them! For more information on how we can assist in your garbage container needs, contact us!

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