Gazebos have long been used in backyards, garden spaces, and public recreation areas to provide a gorgeous place to relax. They are a great place to get cozy and enjoy surrounding scenery, and they provide shelter from strong sun or rain. There are so many reasons to include a gazebo in your park, and we’ve detailed just a few of them.

What is a gazebo?

With many different style options for shelters, it is helpful to distinguish the difference between pergolas and gazebos. One of the easiest ways to tell them apart is that a gazebo often has a full roof and solid floor while pergolas tend to have open slats. Gazebos are typically round or octagonal, and can be just a few feet in diameter or large enough to host a performance.

Stand out and invite families!

A gazebo is a wonderful way to immediately say “welcome” to anyone who visits your park. It makes you stand out amongst others that may not have a comfortable place to relax. Our StudioMRC designers can help you create a gorgeous gazebo that fits perfectly in your space. Adding a gazebo is a key indicator that you have taken everyone’s comfort into consideration when designing your space. It invites travelers to take a break from the road and enjoy the view.

gazebo on patio

Increase park safety 

The weather outside can change in an instant, and a sudden rainstorm could easily ruin a fun day at the park. Add a gazebo to ensure visitors have protection from a quick shower. The covered roof also provides important shade from too much time in the hot sun. We can add more protection from the elements by designing your gazebo with mosquito screens, pull-down shades and other features.

Preserve your furnishings and amenities

Traditional gazebos often have built-in benches that line the walls, but you can also add park equipment to the inside of the space. You can place grills, tables and freestanding benches beneath the covered roof to keep them out of the elements. Keeping all these amenities under your gazebo’s shelter is a great way to save money. The lifetime of your site furnishings will increase with protection from the elements.

Enhance the beauty of your space

Gazebos are a wonderful way to increase community involvement. Get families and locals together during the holidays by decorating your gazebo. It is a safe place to add string lights, decorations, and flowers. Adding a community garden nearby is another great way to enhance your lush environment.

natural wood gazebo

Create a performance venue!

Our designers can take your wildest shelter dreams and turn them into a reality. Go big and create a gazebo that can host outdoor performances and events. Gazebos provide a covered area that is still open to the air, making it perfect for modern gatherings. Provide a space where musicians, actors and other performers can entertain a crowd.

Bring in additional income

If you do decide to create a venue, it can become a great place for people to host special gatherings. Offer your gazebo as a space available for rent to bring in additional income. Weddings, anniversaries, and birthday parties are just a handful of events that gazebos can host comfortably. Putting this revenue back into your park can further beautify it and increase desirability of visiting and booking your space.

With your dream and our team of designers, anything is possible. A gazebo is a fantastic investment that can bring attention and revenue to your space. Create a local landmark, a safe place in your community, and make your park everyone’s favorite spot!