Playgrounds are the ultimate learning environment where children can make new discoveries and friends as they engage in multi-sensory activities. Adding a theme to your playground increases learning as they begin to practice new vocabulary during pretend play and explore their environment with a greater sense of purpose. The right theme also attracts more families to the area and encourages them to stay and interact with each other in new ways. When you are ready to get started on your new play space, consider these four themed playground ideas that kids are sure to love.

Sail Away On a Pirate Ship

Pirate themed playgrounds give kids the opportunity to engage in some serious adventures. With this theme, a huge boat-shaped play area serves as a focal point, and you can add inclusive features such as ramps that allow everyone to get in on the action. Telescopes and other add-on features give children the chance to learn science concepts, and you can add sunshades to serve as sails. While they may not be able to actually sail away, their imaginations will take off as they hunt for big treasures.

Soar Into Outer Space

Kids are fascinated by anything to do with the solar system, and you can work with your designer to create the perfect out-of-this world playground landscape. Consider turning a climbing structure into a rocket that encourages children to pretend to be astronauts as they are about to take off. You’ll also discover that the sky’s the limit with this theme as round swings suddenly become flying saucers and foot holds become craters on the jungle gym. Spinners can even give the sensation of going into orbit as they head into the next galaxy.

Frolic in an Aquatic Scene

Kids love the ocean, and an aquatic theme allows you to incorporate animals, water features, and exciting surfacing into the playground design. Consider having custom built whales floating just above the blue safety surfacing that they can climb and pretend to ride. Ocean themes work perfectly with splash pads, but you can also use them to ignite children’s imaginations. With the right planning, you can create an environment fostering mermaid exploration one day and marine biology discoveries the next. This is also the ideal theme to use if you have a park or children’s center near a beach or lake. Having the chance to pretend to go to the ocean all year round keeps going to the playground exciting.

Indulge Fantasies with a Castle

A castle theme creates a striking image that attracts both children and adults alike. Youngsters love role playing different characters in their favorite stories, and you’ll love hearing them make up a few of their own. A castle play structure also gives you plenty of space to add features such as climbing nets, stairs, and slides that get kids to test their boundaries while staying safe. Whether they are defending their fortress or pretending to be princesses, a custom created fantasyland is sure to encourage some exciting social interactions.

One of the most exciting parts of planning a playground is getting to pick a theme. As you do, be sure to think about how you want to encourage young children to engage with various features. From inspiring imaginative play to encouraging language development, your playground design can take learning to all new heights.

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