When you think of an outdoor park or playground, your mind likely instantly pictures a slide or swing set. But do you think about a comfortable place to sit after you’ve been racing around?

Maybe, maybe not. Seating is one of the most overlooked yet critical features of any great outdoor space. You’re probably now thinking about all the benches you’ve seen in the past, but let’s dig a little deeper into the different types you’ve seen and why they matter.

Why You Need Bench Seating in Your Park

Before we explore the different benches and seating you can add to your park or playground, we must discuss why you need them. People go to parks and playgrounds to run, play, jog, and exercise. If you’ve ever run around outside, you know sometimes you need to rest and take a breather. Outdoor park benches and seating are perfect for that! 

Additionally, some people visit these outdoor spaces to sit back and relax and enjoy the outdoors. How could they successfully do that without a comfortable seating option? Most importantly, outdoor seating provides a safe space for parents, guardians, or other family members to keep an eye on kids who may be playing. And finally, studies have shown that being outdoors is integral to kids’ building confidence and responsibility. Being in nature has proven to improve mental health and sharpen cognition for teens and adults.

Different Kinds of Benches 

With that said, park benches and seating are an obvious, excellent addition to any outdoor space! Let’s look at the different kinds of benches you can add to your park or playground. 

Wooden Outdoor Park Bench

Wooden outdoor park benches are a classic example of commercial outdoor seating. At MRC, we represent several leading manufacturers that create wooden benches for diverse locations, such as parks, streetscapes, playgrounds, schools, and more. We ensure they’ve built with the highest quality wood and finished for a smooth, comfortable place to sit! 

Some manufacturers, like UltraSite, offer wooden park benches in different colors, lengths, widths, and styles — from four to six-foot benches with backs, arm rails, metal frames, and more. 

Metal Outdoor Park Bench

Another example of a park bench most — if not all — people have seen are metal park benches. Like wooden park benches, you can select a metal park bench in a multitude of designs, whether it’s a bench with a back, without a back, or a more exciting style. 

Manufacturers like Malik create metal outdoor park benches in various lengths and sizes and unique styles, including traditional to more modern aesthetics. 

Recycled Outdoor Park Bench 

You may or may not realize you’ve probably seen a recycled outdoor park bench once or twice! And if you’re trying for an environmentally-friendly park or playground, you should opt for an outdoor park bench made of recycled materials.

An example of one of these outdoor park benches would be UltraSite’s Phoenix Bench. Made from recycled plastic planks with a powder-coated frame, it’s sure to catch your community’s eye and invite them to relax. Even better? Recycled plastic benches will not rot or warp, making them a solid long-term choice. 

Custom Outdoor Park Bench

At one point or another, you may have found yourself sitting on an outdoor park bench that was unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Custom outdoor park benches, created to bring your one-of-a-kind vision to life, are another option for outdoor seating. These benches can be built with all kinds of materials and molded into interesting shapes, styles, and sizes. They can be wooden, metal, or recycled, even! An example of one our team loves is the Fort Lee movie bench, designed like an old-fashioned movie reel and clapperboard. 

Choosing the Right Bench for Your Space 

When it comes to park benches and outdoor seating, you have so many options — from wooden benches to custom designed pieces. How do you pick what’s right for you? Much of it will come down to the goals of your outdoor space, budget, and timeline. At MRC, we can help you zero in on what’s best for your project. With over 40 years of experience and 37,000+ successful completed projects, we can confidently say we’re eager to help you pick the right bench for your space! 

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