After spending some time in a playground, you may be surprised at just how many different ways the children use the equipment. While some will play on the swings and slides, others will quickly begin to organize into their own little groups for games. Custom playgrounds should always take into consideration the types of games that kids will want to play so that the appropriate equipment is already in place to keep the visitor’s imaginations engaged.

Provide Space To Embark Upon a Game of Hide and Seek

Children love the idea of hiding and trying to find each other. You can make this possible by providing playground structures that include little nooks and crannies where children can safely hide. Structures with tunnels are always a great hiding spot, and kids will also have fun hiding amidst a group of freestanding drums or beneath a platform. These same elements also lend themselves well to a classic game of tag.

Create Permanent Places for Hopscotch and Four Square

Your playground design can also inspire kids to jump into games that require ground markings even if they forgot their chalk. When you plan your playground, look for areas where you can include hopscotch and four square grids in the surfacing. Poured in place surfacing can be done in a variety of patterns and designs that allow you to custom create a place for the kids to immediately start enjoying their favorite games.

Inspire Kids to Create Their Own Imagination Games

Themed playgrounds still remain one of our most popular requests, and no one can deny that playing in a real life castle or climbing a realistic volcano takes kids’ imaginary play to a new level. When picking out a theme, try to choose one that never goes out of style so that kids will want to play there for years. Outer space, farm animals and dinosaurs are always great choices. Kids will instantly begin to transform into their own characters and develop their self-expression skills.

Take Classic Ball Games to a New Level

Kids have been enjoying ball games for years. While they can always kick around a soccer ball or play a round of golf, it takes a little more excitement to pull them away from their video games. Our smart park technology equipment has options such as a four-goal play area that gives kids a way to keep score while having to focus on protecting their goal from three or more other players. With new high tech options for playground equipment, you’ll find that even older kids want to come to the park and play.

The first step to designing a playground that kids love is to think about how they will actually use the space. Take a moment to step back in time and remember what you most enjoyed doing outside as a child. Then, explore all of the options that you have to make those memories come back to life in ways that give kids their own chance to play. An inspired playground is the best kind for helping kids engage in child-led fun and games.