The summer months are the perfect time for families to enjoy a visit to the local playground where their kids can burn off some energy. Today, communities often use playgrounds with attractions such as spray parks, as a focal point that draws residents and visitors alike to mingle and play. While playgrounds should always be designed to be fun, they should also include safety features that make it easy to prevent potential injuries. This summer, use these tips to plan a playground experience that leads to nothing but happy memories.

Look for Protective Surfacing

Once kids hit the playground, they are off and running. Since many young children are still developing their balance ,so they sometimes trip or fall. Playground safety surfacing should always be selected to fit the purpose of the play area. For instance, slip-resistant surfacing should always be included in spray parks so that families stay safe from slip-and-fall injuries. In fall zones, like the areas near slides and climbing equipment, softer materials such as synthetic turf or wood fiber is ideal for giving kids a little cushion for harder landings.

Provide Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Spray park equipment gives families a fast way to cool off during the heat of the summer, but there should also be other ways to avoid the direct sun. Sun shades placed over playground equipment help to avoid scalds from equipment that gets too hot, and strategically-placed screens help protect kids from sunburns. Look for areas in the playground that could benefit from additional shading, like benches or resting areas, so that kids and families always have a spot to cool off.

Find Fun For All With Accessible Equipment

A well-planned playground should have fun available for everyone. Inclusive playground equipment should always be designed with safety in mind, such as non-skid ramps leading up to high areas and belts for swings that fit kids of all sizes and abilities. Accessible equipment like lowered monkey bars lets younger kids as well as those who use mobility devices all play side by side so everyone can make new friends.

Create a Toddler Space

Even the youngest child should be able to enjoy the playground. Check out our early childhood play equipment to find options that allow crawlers and toddlers to explore their environment while staying safe from injuries. Parents will also love being able to watch as their little one tests out their skills, such as crawling up low stairs during their trips to the playground this summer.

Encourage Parent Interaction

One of the best parts about visiting a playground is watching as adults bring out their inner child. From outdoor sports equipment to gazebo areas designed for hosting a picnic or party, there should be areas where parents also feel comfortable so that they can enjoy the park. With parents involved on the playground, there is always extra supervision that helps create a safer environment.

This summer, encourage families to stay active by creating a playground space that serves the entire community. From incorporating sun shades and surfacing that fits the playground theme to adding some fun surprises such as an interactive splash pad, you can design a play area that everyone includes in their summer plans.