Binney Park is a 32 acre parcel of land in the center of Old Greenwich, CT. The area shown was a underutilized area with a central commercial gazebo that was not being utilized by the town’s residents. After power-washing and repainting the gazebo, the town sought to develop a walking trail that was educational, as well as functional. The PlayTrails equipment installed circles around the central gazebo, and links an existing 2-5 aged playground structure with a heavily used softball field. It is now an extremely popular destination for parents to sit, relax, and watch their children during a ballgame, or while the kids read and learn about nature.

About PlayTrails by GameTime:

PlayTrails combines nature-themed playground equipment with trails and greenways to create a playful trail experience for children and families. Play activities are grouped by theme (i.e. ants, bees, trees or leaves) and installed in pockets of play along a path or trail. As families explore the trail, they encounter play pockets that promote physical activity and fun. Each play pocket includes educational signage with fun facts and activities related to the theme.