When you are designing a venue that will be open to the public, you know that first impressions are everything. While beautiful landscaping and an innovative layout is important for any public venue or park, there is nothing like a well-designed custom entrance gate for making people feel welcome. As you work with your playground designer, consider having the right entrance that makes a positive impression on visitors.

Make the Location Easy to Find

Many venues welcome visitors from all over the world who may not always know their way around town. While technology has made it easier to get close to a location, visitors may have trouble finding your park if it is nestled among other venues or in a rural area. Getting lost or searching for your location is stressful for anyone, and this can ruin a visit before it even starts. For this reason, a custom entrance gate is one of the most important pieces of park equipment that you can put out there. With the right gate, your venue can easily be identified even from a busy highway.

Add a Touch of Beauty to Security

Increased security is important for keeping your visitors safe, and families always welcome additional features that can protect their kids. However, large metal gates with bars and other security features can seem stark at first glance. With a custom entrance gate, you get the best of both worlds. Whether you add a whimsical animal character or include a logo with bold colors, the guests will remember the beauty of the archway rather than a harsh line of metal bars.

Inspire Interest in the Theme

People come to your venue for a reason, and the front gate helps set the tone for the experience. We can create customized features such as dinosaur bones for a science-themed playground to go on the archway, or we can create an elegant entrance to honor the park’s donors. Seeing the theme reflected from the moment they arrive, gives guests a positive impression of the venue that just gets better as they explore your space.

Generate Awareness on Social Media

Whether you are designing the entrance for a zoo or veteran’s memorial park, you should also be thinking about ways to increase the public’s interest in visiting the venue. Today, everyone loves to take and post selfies on their favorite social media platforms, and a gorgeous archway is the perfect place for people to pose and remember their special occasion. Once those photos are posted online, the custom gate becomes the first impression of your venue to potentially thousands of other people. Having the name of your spot placed directly in the focal point of the photos gets people excited about planning a visit.

Final Thoughts

The entrance to any location always sets the stage for what’s to come once people pass through the gates. Now that you understand why the right entrance matters, you can get started on planning one that reflects your venue’s purpose and theme so that everyone enjoys their visit from start to finish.