Playgrounds often exist in outdoor public spaces that are prone to being exposed to more trash than indoor areas. While you might not be able to stop limbs from falling off of trees or wrappers from being blown into the park from neighboring facilities, you can take steps to keep the debris picked up. Once you’ve had your new playground installed, it is time to begin working out a maintenance plan that keeps everything looking brand new.

Choose the Right Surfacing

Never be tempted to skimp on the playground budget by choosing low quality surfacing materials. Dirt, gravel and other forms of natural surfacing can often hide debris that you don’t want in your playground. In fact, gravel is an easy place for things such as broken glass to hide until a child gets hurt. Start by choosing surfacing that gives parents and other adults a clear view of the entire ground. Synthetic grass, rubber and absorbent tiles are all great for making it easy to spot dangerous trash on the ground. They also wash easily with a quick rinse from a hose.

Provide Enough Trash Receptacles

A large part of the trash that ends up on the playground comes from the visitors, and you can minimize this issue by putting out enough trash receptacles to handle the expected amount of accumulation. Keep in mind that you should include recycling bins in the park to help people be more mindful of where they put their trash. Ideally, the receptacles should be located near areas where you would expect people to generate more trash such as in the picnic areas.

Protect Park Equipment From the Weather

Rain and other weather can leave behind unsightly dust and pollen particles on the playground equipment. Consider adding shade structures to places where you know that people will want to sit. For instance, a covered gazebo creates a lovely place to put the picnic tables, and the covering will help to keep the area cleaner.

Instill a Sense of Community Pride in Your Park

Your cleaning crew can spend less time picking up general trash and debris when the people who visit the playground feel a sense of ownership of the space. Our custom entrance gates allow you to greet your park’s visitors with the community’s logo or symbol to instill a sense of responsibility from the very beginning to keep the area clean. People are also more likely to pick up after themselves in a beautiful environment, so feel free to add custom art such as flowers and animals to that add an element of style that the visitors will want to preserve.

A clean playground is a safe playground. Make sure to ask your cleaning and maintenance crew to also keep an eye out for any signs of wear and tear on the equipment. By focusing on cleanliness and making it easy for everyone to do their part, you can extend the life of your playground equipment while providing a park that makes your community proud.