Playground designs can range from simple, single structures to massive play areas with multiple pieces of equipment that invite people of all ages to play. Naturally, you’ve got a budget to work with, and you likely have quite a few eyes watching to see how you come up with a playground that brings so much joy to others as a return on the investment. Since the playground you create should be in place for many years, you want to use these ideas to make sure that you maximize its value.

Start With a Centerpiece

In the beginning of playground planning, you can easily get overwhelmed by how many options are available. Right now, you may be wondering how many pieces of freestanding park equipment you should add or if you need more shade structures. For the moment, put those questions aside and select the main play structure. These are often the largest piece of equipment on the playground that catches everyone’s eyes. Since multiple kids can play on these structures at a time, you can even start a park with just this one main centerpiece. Depending upon your budget, you can then add on matching features such as swing sets that round out the whole design.

Look for Budget Friendly Structures

Designing a playground for a church, school or charitable organization often means having to work with a committee to demonstrate proper use of funds. You may even have donors watching to see how you set up the playground to determine how they manage future donations. Budget friendly playground structures are an option that you can use to set up a fully functional play area within a short period of time. These structures also come in a variety of sizes and configurations that allow you to maximize the usable space for the playground. Being able to fit a slide, rock climbing wall and musical drums into a small space makes you look like such a pro at playground design that you’ll see the value rise when you receive funding for new equipment to expand the play space.

Focus on the Wow Factor

Every playground needs a major focal point that brings it to life. Themed playgrounds increase value by creating a memorable experience that allows kids to temporarily step out of real life and into a fantasy. You can also capitalize on the rising popularity of parents preferring to give their children safe risks like they had on playgrounds back when they were young. Park planners today are putting swing sets, see saws and net climbers back into playgrounds. With the new standards for safety that are placed on our playground equipment, you can keep visitors safe while giving them the illusion of a thrill that makes the play area a valuable part of the community amenities.

Playground designers are always available to help you figure out which key pieces will bring out the most value on your investment in a new playground. Our equipment is high quality and manufactured with longevity in mind so that you can further increase its value by preserving the material for many years.