Every square inch of a playground is valuable since it holds the potential for helping kids stimulate their development. As a playground designer, it often seems like there is never enough room to put in all of the amazing equipment that we have to offer. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to maximizing the use of the space at your playground so that yours is filled with everything that a kid could want.

Use the Available Vertical Space

Does your playground have limited ground space? Apartments, preschools and churches often have only a small amount of room for kids to play outside. Towers and cubes are a favorite piece of apartment playground equipment that make it possible to expand the play area vertically. Net and rope structures are another option that you can use to take advantage of the extra room up high. The kids will have so much fun climbing on these structures that they’ll never notice if they have less room to run around on the ground.

Select Equipment with Multiple Features

If you only have enough room for one or two pieces of equipment, then you might find that choosing a single structure gives kids more options for playing. Commercial playground equipment includes standalone structures that have slides, ladders and ramps for multiple kids to play on at once. These also tend to include vertical features, such as platforms, that make it possible to pack a lot of fun into smaller spaces.

make the most of the space for your playground

Set Up Freestanding Play Areas

For areas with a little more space, it helps to combine different types of equipment. Consider starting with a smaller play system that serves as the main focal point for the park. Then, set up several areas with freestanding equipment that entices kids to explore in smaller groups. Musical instruments, spinners and expression swings all make great options for designing a park with a variety of different play options.

Create Versatile Spaces

Planning for the visitors to your park to use the area in different ways is another way to maximize the use that everyone gets out of the space. Synthetic turf fields are long-lasting, and people can choose to use them for football, soccer and other outdoor sports. Gazebos and amphitheaters are additional options that people can use for picnics, shows and celebrations.

Go High-Tech

Interactive play equipment is inclusive and makes a big impression without taking up a whole lot of space. We have several different types of interactive playground products that range from a DJ booth to exciting sports arenas that all provide auditory and visual stimulation. This option is great for maximizing leftover space in play areas where you need to plan for older kids and teens along with the usual younger children.

Whether you are planning a brand new play area or redesigning a current one, utilizing all of the available space to its best advantage is one of the biggest challenges that you might face. We provide out-of-the-box solutions that help you get creative with the room that you have for building an awesome playground.

make the most of the space for your playground

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