Challenge Course from GameTime® is a fun and exciting way to keep children active, enhance team and sports training and encourage older students to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Challenge Course appeals to children and teens who enjoy competitive fitness activities. When used with our free mobile app, schools can measure students’ progress, compare results with other classes or with schools across the country.

The activities on the Challenge Course are based on obstacles students have seen on televised obstacle races and competitions. The courses are preconfigured to provide a well-rounded cardiovascular and strength-building workout that is age appropriate and an exciting extension of your physical education programs.

The Right Fit for All Ages

Challenge Course is available in two models to meet the developmental needs of students. Challenge Course Youth is designed to meet the playground equipment standards for children ages 5-12 and is the perfect complement to a traditional playground system. As children grow older, Challenge Course meets the need for more advanced and competitive activities. Challenge Course Pro is designed for ages 13+ and is perfect for middle/high schools or universities.

Download the Challenge Course App

Our Challenge Course app allows users to locate the nearest course, create a user profile or team, record your time and compare your results with friends, classmates or schools across the country. Since all Challenge Course models are designed to the same specifications, a student in Chicago can compete on the same course as a student in Miami. Download the app now at

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