With the help of Neglia Engineering and MRC, children at Catherine E Doyle Elementary School in Wood-Ridge, NJ now have an amazing outdoor place for play and learning. The school utilized a playground design by MRC for a playground for children between the ages of 5 & 12 years old. The playground possesses a multitude of challenging and fun events for children to explore.

The design combines items from GameTime’s standard line of 3-D play panels along with a Shadow Play Sky Runner to add an extra bit of color and playfulness to the space.

On the back side of the playground, more fun themed playground components can be found in a log balance beam and realistic climbing rocks. These items are made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). GFRC has become extremely popular in the playground industry as a method of creating lifelike, thematic play pieces such as logs, rocks, trees, dinosaurs, boats and various other animals. We also added a GFRC leaf seat to the school’s playground (seen to the right).

When it comes to the utilization of GFRC on a playground, the only limit in design possibilities is your imagination. You can learn more about our custom projects and abilities on our themed playground page.

Aside from the playground, MRC also designed and supplied two fantastic shelters, manufactured by our friends at RCP Shelters.

One of the shelters is utilized as an area to picnic and eat while taking a rest from play or recess. The other shelter was designed to act as an outdoor classroom. The teachers at Catherine E Doyle Elementary School plan to utilize the shelter as an area to teach up to 80 children at a time in an outdoor setting.

The concept of outdoor learning is becoming more popular every year and we’re happy to be able to offer products to make it a possibility!

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