The Halo Cubic play towers and cubes fulfill everyone’s childhood dreams: To have their very own treehouse! This award-winning line of modern play structures is safe, exciting, and adaptable, making it perfect for a multitude of spaces and needs. With a strong focus on modern architectural design, these structures will become a local landmark, appealing to young and old. Cubes are highly functional play spaces that house a variety of possibilities for play without needing a large space to function.

A modern treehouse

The modularity of towers and cubes and a variety of shapes and colors create a whole world of different design options for your play space. Cubes can be stacked on top of one another and filled with swings, nets, and balancing balls. Up high in the cube, kids can cozy up in a birds’ nest seat or stand on top of a balancing ball, fun places for observing the world below. Tunnels and slides can be attached to cubes, so the Cubic can be expanded horizontally if space is not an issue for your project. You can have two sets of towers, add ropes, the possibilities are endless!

Endless design capabilities!

Cubic modules are designed to match gracefully and are made with only the highest quality pine, steel, plastics, and laminates. If visibility is a concern for your play space, see-through panels can be used on the sides of cubes. Or, you can mix transparent paneling with opaque colored panels or wood panels. Your play towers and cubes can be filled with colorful HPL panels or have a natural wood look.

Wooden play cubes are made from tight-grain Finnish wood from PEFC-certified forests. The wood is glue laminated and treated with an environmentally friendly shimmer that gives it a gorgeous brown color. This treatment process makes our wood long-lasting and prevents against splintering, making it superior to types of wood playground equipment.

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