At MRC we build more than playgrounds; we help build communities. Our park and recreation equipment has helped communities reach a family feel for generations. Throughout our 40 years as park and play experts we have heard countless stories of how our park designs bring people together, and make communities whole.

Recent weather phenomena’s have reminded us just how important community strength is. Both Hurricane Harvey and Irma were incredibly devastating events for countless people. At MRC we are all too familiar with catastrophic storms. On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck our New Jersey shore communities. Some of our very own employees and families lost their homes and were given no choice but to bond together and rebuild.

Post Sandy, every small beach town community in NJ teamed up for one purpose; and the catch phrase “Restore The Shore” was born. We now reflect almost 5 years later and realize that our community truly has rebuilt. We are a better, stronger, and closer community than ever before.

During our rebuilding process, we feel fortunate to have witnessed the way communities come together during times of need. We experienced firsthand a community becoming a family. The importance of a park or playground to a community is paramount. We perceive a park as a town’s backyard, and when they’re designed and built with love, everyone is provided a sense of home, hope and pride.

Throughout our local community, we are proud to have supported the rebuild of many post Sandy community park projects including some of these shown below. To our friends in recent storm affected areas throughout the United States and elsewhere, our thoughts and prayers are with you. It’s now time to regroup, bond together with your neighbors and re-create all aspects of “home”, even greater than you remember it.