Themes help kids to organize their learning and make connections between new concepts and their lives. A themed playground gives kids a head start on coming up with engaging ways to play, and it creates an attractive focal point that enhances the whole community. You can use these ideas to begin picking out the perfect theme to inspire your student population to love being outside.


themed playground


Let Them Go Wild With a Jungle Themed Playground

Lions, tigers and giraffes are just a few of the favorite animals that students tend to list first. A jungle theme allows for you to include lots of colorful school playground equipment. Try incorporating a hand sculpted lion that the kids can climb on and pretend to ride into the theme. Kids will also look forward toclimbing ladders that look like vines or hanging around on a net structure.


Inspire Future Ambitions With a Community Helper Concept

Kids use playgrounds to explore different parts of their personalities, and they know that they can choose to be anything that they want to be during dramatic play scenarios. A community helper theme can focus on one specific type such as a firefighter, or you can create different play stations in the area where kids can pretend to be construction workers, lifeguards and even teachers.


themed playground


Get Kids In Touch With Nature

Do the majority of your students live in an urban area with very little green space? If so, then your school playground should be one place where they can feel the beauty of nature. Wood and faux stone playground equipment blends natural elements into the design plan. Young kids will naturally enjoy a state of mental relaxation while they challenge their bodies.


Drum Up School Pride With an Integrated Mascot and Color Scheme

Custom playgrounds make it possible to create a personalized theme that every student and educator can relate to. Do your students love being yellow jackets or eagles? The sky is the limit for filling the playground with elements that remind everyone of the school mascot. Our designers can plan and sculpt just about any creature, which means that your mascot is always an option to include as a focal point. We can also incorporate the school colors so that your play area stands out to everyone who drives by.


themed playground


Take Them Back In Time

History themes are a great option for inspiring pretend play that reinforces lessons that your students are learning. Consider setting up a pioneer theme that comes complete with a blacksmith shop and hitching post. Or, your students might love a classic dinosaur set up that allows them to run and skip along to avoid the hot lava.


Invite Them to Step Into the Future

A futuristic playground theme beckons for the students to engage with the play area in new ways. Interactive equipment can be used by educators to stimulate the students’ minds while they burn off their energy. Modular structures combined with metal art create a high-tech feel that works great for schools that offer STEM programs.


The best themes for school playgrounds are ones that are open enough for kids to engage in different types of play. Creating a cohesive look for the play area is simple when you work with custom playground designers who know how to include elements that demonstrate what makes your school’s staff and students so unique.

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