Mar 22

Gazebos Vs. Pergolas: Which One is Best for Your Space?

Outdoor shade structures make spending time outside more enjoyable. Adding a feature like a commercial gazebo or a pergola to your park, school or streetscape provides protection from the elements as well as a place for outdoor entertainment. The difficult part is deciding what type of outdoor structure is best for you and your space. Here’s more information about gazebos and pergolas to help you decide.

What is a Gazebo?

A gazebo is a shade structure that designers form into an octagon shape. This outdoor shelter includes a domed roof in addition to symmetrical columns. Gazebos are available in different sizes, and they are typically large enough to host medium sized gatherings of 20 to 40 people. Adding one to your school, park, etc. will likely transform the look of the space without requiring a tremendous investment. Companies that manufacture gazebos usually prepare them against insect infestations since the structure will be outside. Gazebos are typically manufactured from wood, but you can get one that’s made from steel and other metals. A gazebo basically gives you an extra space on your property, one that has the potential to take advantage of an especially inviting view.

What is a Pergola?

Pergolas are structures that shelter seating areas or other landscaping elements like walkways. Often, pergolas are rectangle shaped, but they can be square. One of the easiest ways to spot a pergola is by its roof. A pergola will have a roof made from horizontal planks of wood or metal. The roof will also be flat and open. If you have a garden or courtyard type space, then you may want to add a pergola over it to make an elegant exterior seating area. Customers often cover outdoor park cooking spaces with them because they provide some protection from the sun. You can also grow foliage across the top of a pergola for more sun protection. This not only gives you a shady place to hang out, but it also increases the nature influence on your property.

Completing Your Landscaping

A gazebo or a pergola will complete your park, school or city’s landscaping by adding protection and shade. This type of outdoor accessory is sure to make your outdoor space more visually appealing, providing a place to congregate for the public. While both gazebos and pergolas provide varying benefits, there is surely a place for one or both in your next outdoor project.