Mar 12

What Equipment Can You Find At The Best Dog Parks Across The Country

Dog parks are one of the most popular amenities in any city across the country, and it only takes a brief stop at one of these fenced-in play areas to see why. Not only does a well designed dog park give pups a safe place to burn off their energy, but it also gives their owners a chance to bond with other dog-lovers as well as their pets. When you want to make sure that your new outdoor feature is the best, be sure to add these types of dog park equipment that provide a well-rounded space for humans and their dogs to play.

Keep Things Clean With Pet Waste Station

One of the most basic tenants of dog park etiquette is that every pet owner should clean up after their pup. While most visitors know to carry their own bags and poop scoopers, it always helps to include a bag dispenser for those who forget or run out. These should be placed right next to the waste bins so that visitors to the park can properly dispose of waste and do their part to keep the play area sanitary.

Get Them to Jump Through Dog Park Equipment Hoops

Jumping rings provide an interesting element that stands out from the other more linear features. When adding hoops to the play space, make sure to take into consideration the different sizes of dogs that may visit the park. If you have separate areas for small and large dogs, then choose matching sized hoops to fit the space. For blended parks, try using staggered hoop park equipment that also give dogs the opportunity to increase the challenge as they grow or gain strength.

Develop Balance With Dog Walks and Hills

Dog walks should always be made from slip-resistant materials that are also durable enough to stand up to the weather elements. The best dog park equipment should also include increasing challenges for pups. For instance, a simple hill allows dogs to get used to walking up and down an incline. For the expert dogs that visit your park, try adding a doggie teeter totter that puts the control over the movement in their paws. While it may take a few attempts, learning how to manage a dog hill or teeter totter instills a sense of confidence that gets dogs noticed.

Encourage Socializing With Human Seating Areas

No dog park is complete without a place for humans and their dogs to take a “paws”. In addition to a grooming table on the main play area, consider adding a bench that encourages humans to sit and stay for a while. Visitors to the park will love having a place to socialize with other dog owners, and you can also add these near refreshment posts such as the water fountains to make sure everyone stays comfortable.

The popularity of dog parks has led to the development of exciting play equipment that helps build up strength, agility, and confidence in our favorite canine companions. Be sure to include a variety of different elements in the dog play space that gives both big and small pups a chance to roam off leash and explore their new territory. You can bet that your newly designed dog park becomes one of the most frequently visited places in your city!