With so much talk about playground equipment, it sometimes seems as though benches and tables get overlooked. These park features play a huge role in everyone’s experience, and putting some thought into their purchase and placement is well worth the effort. Tables and benches can serve as picnic areas, rest stops and places for people to sit and enjoy sporting events. You can make sure that you outfit your playground with the right types and amounts by using this guide.

Choose Quality Materials

Benches and tables need to stay in good condition since they support people’s weight. Low quality park furnishings made from untreated wood or thin metal can leave people open for injuries such as splinters or head trauma from a fall. Our equipment is made with durable materials, such as galvanized steel, along with options for mounting that make sure that your picnic and seating areas are safe.

Think About Accessibility

People who use mobility devices often find it difficult to make it over the support bars and onto a bench at a classic picnic table. You can help everyone feel included at your park by choosing tables that extend past the benches. This allows people with wheelchairs to roll up to the table and take part in the fun.

Carefully Plan the Placement

Picnic areas are just one of the areas where you need to place tables and benches. Your playground also benefits from having benches near other areas where people gather. For example, you might want to put a few benches along a walking trail that runs through your park or near outdoor exercise equipment so that people can stop and rest. Benches also work well when they are placed around the play areas so that parents can sit and watch as their children run and climb. Keep in mind that you need to follow a few safety guidelines for bench placement to ensure that people who are sitting are out of the way of other park visitors who are biking or jogging along the path.

Give Seating Areas a Stylistic Design

A traditional picnic table and bench set up is essential, but you might also want to try adding a few extra elements of design to the seating areas. Commercial gazebos are one way to create a defined place for people to gather and enjoy an outdoor dining experience in the shade. You can also choose tables with natural designs that mimic the look of tree stumps and mushrooms. These can be scattered throughout a play space so that people have a place to play games such as checkers without interfering with the beauty of nature.

Park planning requires you to think about every detail, and seating areas are critical for everyone’s enjoyment. The types of benches and tables that you pick will make an impact upon the types of activities that people can enjoy at your park, and you need to select the proper placement to keep everyone safe. Taking some extra time to think about these essential features means that you can outfit your playground with the right amount of seating to create an ideal place for everyone to enjoy.

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