Designing a community playground requires more than just picking out the best outdoor play and exercise equipment. You must also carefully plan to include other amenities that enhance the experience of every guest who visits the facility. From large covered gazebos to custom designed bench coverings, shaded shelters and structures provide these five benefits for increasing the enjoyment of everyone at your public park.

Protect Vulnerable Members of the Population From UV Rays

A community park should be safe and comfortable for people of all ages to enjoy. Currently, the CDC recommends that parents seek shaded areas to protect their children from the sun when they play outdoors. Senior adults are also vulnerable to harmful UV rays that can lead to painful sunburns and cancerous lesions on the skin if they do not take steps to limit their exposure. Adding shaded areas throughout the park gives everyone a chance to get outside and safely enjoy the playground.

Keep Playground Equipment in Top Condition

Although you should always choose durable equipment that is meant to stand up to outdoor conditions, chronic exposure to heat, rain, and cold temperatures can eventually cause materials such as plastic and metal to break down. Place shades over areas of the playground that tend to be exposed to the weather. You can also use a shelter to cover sensitive playground items such as carousels and concession stands.

Provide Cover for Unexpected Weather Events

In every community, there is always the possibility that unexpected weather could arrive with little warning. However, a sudden rainstorm does not have to ruin anyone’s day- just quickly get to a covered area! Since some weather, such as large hailstones, can lead to injuries, maintaining safety is one of the best reasons to install covered shelters on your playground.

Create a Multipurpose Environment

A sheltered area on your community playground can be as simple as a small covering over a bench where parents can sit as they watch their kids play. However, you can also include larger structures on the park grounds that serve multiple purposes. Just imagine seeing families scattered through multiple gazebos as they host birthday parties and other special events. You can also add coverings over picnic areas and stages to make it easy to host large-scale events in the park for the entire community.

Provide More Fun for Every Visitor

A well-planned community park attracts visitors who often want to spend the entire day exploring the grounds. Adding sheltered areas allows kids to play longer and adults to find a comfortable place to set up a picnic or relax and enjoy the day. Since shelters can also be customized to fit specific needs such as serving as a baseball dugout, you can use shades to further increase the use value of the facility.

While most people head to the park to soak up some sun, you must keep in mind that everyone needs a shelter to enjoy a comfortable respite as they play. As you reach the final stages of planning your playground, make sure that there are enough shaded areas to serve the needs of everyone who visits your park.