When the temperatures warm up, everyone flocks to the local splash pad. Yet, staying cool at the splash park involves more than just washing away the summer’s heat. As you put together your outdoor playground plans, use these ideas to create a summer wonderland with the best spray park equipment that everyone enjoys.

Choose Sustainable Models

In the past, spray parks were a major expense for communities due to rising utility costs, and the increased water usage was just plain bad for the environment. Now, you have new options that incorporate Variable Frequency Design technology so that you have more control over how natural resources are used. With this type of design, sensors are placed throughout the playground that track that actual location and activities that the participants are engaged in. When activity stops in one area, then so will the water so that none is ever wasted on an empty play area.

Appeal to A Kid’s Sense of Whimsy

The coolest splash pads entice kids to come running to their favorite play space. From in-ground water equipment that sprays a surprise shot into the air, to customized theme-based play features, you have tons of ways to make sure that the play area appeals to every child. When adding whimsical features, remember that the surface of the splash pad should be just as exciting as the equipment and sprinklers. Slip resistant aquatic surfacing can be installed with colors and designs that match the overall theme. For example, you could add a wave design to fit into an ocean theme, or you could choose natural colors to look like a rock garden.

Increase the Challenge

While sprinklers are one of the primary features of every splash pad, adding a few challenges increases the cool factor. For instance, kids will love conquering their fears as they tackle a water slide. Alternatively, you could install water shooters that encourage kids to try out their aim. Either way, remember to include challenges that fit children of all different ages and abilities. Multigenerational playgrounds that encourage diverse play help bring communities together in exciting ways.

Encourage Family Interaction

Since lifeguards do not staff the majority of splash pads, you want to make sure that every adult stays involved with their kids. Keeping kids safe at the spray park is a community effort, and you want to make sure that parents and other caregivers stay within arm’s reach. Consider adding a shaded seating area near the most exciting features of the splash pad where parents can choose to stay dry if they need to but are still close enough to keep a watchful eye. For younger babies who need to stay cool, splash pads with shades also allow parents to tend to youngest members of their family while the older kids burn off some energy.

Your community splash pad represents the values that the residents hold dear, and it serves as a fun place where everyone can cool off. Now that you are inspired, go on and plan a spray park that invites everyone to kick off their shoes and enjoy the water.