Children at Howard Elementary School in Eugene, Oregon have a new place to play! With the playground design assistance of MRC’s Martha Rainey, along with architecture firms PiVOT Architecture, DOWA Architecture and Cameron McCarthy Architecture & Planning, the Eugene 4J school district was able to successfully build a brand new light-filled, energy-efficient, state-of-the-art learning center replacing the 1949 Howard Elementary building. The new building features a large outdoor garden, numerous large windows for ample natural light, garage-like doors in the cafeteria that open to a courtyard and two outdoor learning spaces.

For the playground portion of the project, the school was looking for an open layout play structure that would bring together both younger and older children. Based on these requests, Martha designed a playground featuring a GameTime Xscape structure. Xscape playgrounds are slightly different than your typical playground you may see at schools and parks. Xscape systems provide more activity by featuring deckless designs and more overhead climbing components. These fitness-inspired playgrounds create unique play challenges that keep children continuously moving. While younger children can play on a Xscape playground, these structures often appeal more so to older children due to the interaction and challenge level it demands.

Children at Howard Elementary are sure to spend countless hours conquering everything their new playground has to offer!

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