New York State has committed to bring greater awareness to residents and visitors alike, of the vast beauty and uniqueness of all that New York State has to offer by creating multiple “entrances” to their diverse geographic areas with rich histories and boundless recreational opportunities. The Finger Lakes state-of-the-art Welcome Center showcases the best of the Finger Lakes region, including their beautiful Finger lakes, boundless wineries gaining great acclaim across the world, sporting, hiking, fishing, waterfalls, wildlife, and more. All of these have been wrapped into the themes shown in the playground located at the new Geneva Welcome Center with the replica of an historical paddleboat used in the past for site seeing, the vines and grapes that produce the award winning wines, and streams and waterfalls and rock formations that fill the Finger Lakes.

The playground was designed primarily utilizing high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to create the life-like aquatic boat theme. Poured in place rubber safety surfacing was installed throughout the use-zone of the play space incorporating themes for water near the boat and grape vines on the adjacent side. This project is simply another showcase of our play artists can take and concept and make it a playful reality!