Interactive playground equipment brings the future into the present by combining video gaming with exercise. Blending the latest advances in technology with people’s natural desire to be outside is a game changer. In fact, you’ll find that adding interactive elements to your playground takes it to the next level with these awesome benefits.

Interactive Inclusive Play Equipment

Build a More Inclusive Playground

Interactive components further increase the amount of people that can enjoy playing at your park. Our interactive play products are all at surface level, meaning anyone with a mobility device can easily access the play equipment. Large open spaces that allow for audial and visual feedback make it possible for everyone to participate in a game. And, with My Yalp apps you have online access to game settings. You can adjust speed, volume, and other parameters so that your play equipment suits everyone’s needs.

Bring Academic Lessons Outside

Educators and parents have been using playgrounds for years to teach lessons. You might have even learned how to count by playing hopscotch or keeping score during a basketball game. Now, it is possible to bring even more learning opportunities outside.

Our Memo Activity Zone is an amazing piece of school playground equipment that teachers can use to teach spelling, multiplication tables and other academic concepts in a fun and innovative way. There are so many different S.T.E.M. learning games, and new ones are constantly being developed. With a whole library of choices, your play and education stay up to date.

Educational Interactive Play Equipment

Get Kids Excited About Fitness

Fitness elements are one of the hottest trends for custom playgrounds, and adding interactive features make it even more fun for people to exercise in new ways. A Toro Court keeps score and includes games that motivate kids to engage in physical challenges with their friends.

The court’s four goals promote team building and cooperation amongst players, creating a much more active and inclusive game than one with two goals. Everyone will be able to participate in the game and be challenged to play tactically.

Enhance Outdoor Celebrations and Events

Some playgrounds lack a place where older kids and teens can have fun and express their unique creativity. The incredible Fono DJ Booth is a play element that brings out the inner musician in people of all ages, it is the first outdoor DJ booth in the world! This outdoor music experience uses the simple process of induction to allow kids and teens to play their favorite songs. Visitors to your park can play tunes from their smartphone or choose from pre-installed selections that add to play!

Outdoor DJ Booth

Develop Your Community’s Cultural Literacy 

Interactive equipment offers features that encourage children to learn more about the world. They can take a geography quiz, or practice reciting and recognizing words in a new language. This education tool can be used by schools and outdoor programs but will also be accessible to anyone in your community, building an overall more vibrant and inclusive space.

What happens when you install interactive playground equipment? You make it so that everyone can play. From kids to adults, seeing equipment with lights and sounds attracts attention. Once you’ve brought them to the playground, you can then keep them coming back with new games and opportunities to enjoy their time outside.

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