Kids and young adults need at least an hour of exercise a day to maintain good health, and studies show that only about one in four high school students actually hit that goal. Kids are increasingly using their phones and other tech devices for entertainment, and community leaders need to find a special way to get them outside to play. Fortunately, thanks to modern play options, designing a fitness-focused playground and outdoor space is easy. There are tons of options so that kids, young adults, and people of all ages can gather and enjoy healthy activity.

Install a Toro Court

Brand new interactive play technology allows everyone to get involved in their favorite ball games. The Toro Court is a sport court with four goals, promoting cooperation and inclusivity amongst kids and teens. Traditional sport courts with only two goals do not allow for as much opportunity for everyone to interact in gameplay. The court is equipped with LED-lit interactive panels and has several games available to keep gameplay interesting. Your court will stay fresh and cool with new game updates and options! Design unique flooring for your Toro Court to add that extra touch.

teens on compact fitness equipment

Choose Compact Fitness-Focused Equipment

Compact exercise equipment like GameTime’s THRIVE helps save space in your playground, without sacrificing supplying a well-rounded workout. An outdoor fitness space is great for individual or even group training exercises in as little as 250-square-feet. With colorful and cool modern designs, these fitness structures will attract kids, teens, and adults alike, helping build a healthy community. Depending upon the structure that you choose, you can include strength-developing elements. Options include standing squat platforms, gymnastics rings, abdominal crunch benches and hanging bars all in one sturdy place.

Create a Custom Obstacle Course

Not interested in a compact option? No worries! We can go big and bold with an entire custom sport obstacle course designed by you and your community! Obstacle-course style outdoor fitness equipment serves multiple purposes. Kids and young adults can engage in friendly competition with their friends, racing through the course. The individual components can also be used in isolation, allowing for an individual workout focusing on a specific fitness goal. Our Challenge Course was designed in collaboration with American Ninja Warrior and the NFL Combine, making it an exciting new addition to your community.

 child using obstacle course

Add a Tech Fitness-Focused Component

With new play technology, you can bring smartphones to good use in your outdoor space. Rather than sitting and scrolling on their phones, young adults will be excited to try the world’s first outdoor DJ booth: The Fono! The Fono DJ Booth uses induction technology to amplify music straight from a smartphone. It’s as simple as placing the phone down on top of the DJ booth and hitting play. Or, in a smartphone-free space, kids can access music already installed in the booth. Adding lights and sounds gives your fitness-focused playground an unexpected and exciting element that makes your outdoor space unlike any other. Let the dance party begin!

Provide Essential Amenities

Kids and young adults will likely bring drinks and snacks to the park, especially if they’re coming intentionally for a workout. Adding trash and recycling receptacles near gathering areas helps them to make sure that wrappers and bottles get where they belong. Encourage community members to ride their bikes to the park by adding bike racks to your list of amenities. Sports bleachers are another fun option to encourage everyone in town to come check out the action.

Fitness-focused playgrounds help kids, young adults, and people of all ages stay healthy and strong. Keeping your community active is not only important for physical health, but mental health too. Meet the needs of everyone in your neighborhood by building an inviting and exciting outdoor space!

adults using compact fitness equipment