The Memo interactive play pillars are pedagogically valuable and provide both kids and adults with fun physical challenges. Barrier-free and open to all, the activity zone will create a truly inclusive play experience that helps bring communities together. The flat surface of the zone accessible to all. Each post has a 360-degree touch screen that provide a range of games and play adventures! Games can be selected by pushing the button on top of the master post in the middle of the activity zone, and then selecting the game icon on the screen. This smart play structure is equipped with 3G internet connection that allows for new games to be uploaded from the game shop with ease. The play pillars are continuously adapting to be new and interesting.


memo activity zone


Interactive gaming outdoors!

This interactive play equipment stimulates players to cooperate and work together creatively. The intuitive design of the interactive play pillars gives children the feeling of a minimalistic arcade outdoors. The activity zone’s dynamic content also provides an opportunity to move the classroom outside. Playing and learning can go hand-in-hand with this technically advanced playset. The Memo activity zone encourages gamification, or the application of game techniques to quickly learn without the use of manuals or written guides. With its massive library of games to choose from, and the added ability to easily modify game rules, Memo is one of the most versatile and dynamic outdoor play products in the world.


Designed to last

The Memo interactive play pillars are specifically designed for outdoor use. This interactive structure even works great in places you would not typically expect play equipment, like on a rooftop or parking garage. With our design capabilities, you can create your own unique, custom activity zone. The posts, game floor, and the content can be customized, you can even create your own games tailored to your preferences with the help of the design team.


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memo activity zone