Perhaps the most versatile and inclusive play set, the Yalp Sona is an interactive dance and play arch. This smart arch will ask you if you want to play a game immediately as you step underneath it! You can select from a library of games at the touch of a button. The arch is equipped with audio-guided instructions and motion detection that easily will register kids dancing and playing underneath. Games are continuously being developed, so the play arch remains new and interesting. With each game, levels build up in difficulty and children will have the option to create their own rules, keeping gameplay challenging and fun at all times. Over 100 play arches have already found a home in schools, public areas, recreational facilities, and senior homes.



Interactive play for all!

Truly inclusive, children of all abilities can play alongside one another. The play floor is freely accessible for several children, and with a wheelchair or walker. Software is available whereby different games, calmer audio, and speed of play can be adjusted to fit everyone’s needs. Yalp apps allow you to access statistics on usage and participate in play competitions around the world! Downloads are easy using the arch’s 3G internet connection. The arch also promotes family fun with multigenerational play, and has been a great benefit at senior centers. Exercising to music-guided programs contributes greatly to the well-being of seniors, an example of the arch’s functionality for brain-health, not just physical exercise. The arch also provides an opportunity for kids to dance and play with their grandparents.


Versatile design

The Sona arch is developed for permanent outdoor use with all electronics safely housed in the steel frame. Cutting edge design and rigorous testing allow the arch to be weather-proof and resilient to vandalism. The arch is also appropriate for interactive play indoors. With our design capabilities, you can create your own unique, custom play arch. The exterior, game floor, and the content can be customized, you can even create your own games tailored to your preferences with the help of the design team.


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