Fun for all ages and abilities, the Sutu interactive ball wall will bring people together and encourage active competition outside. One of the most dynamic outdoor play products in the world, the Sutu contains 16 illuminated LED panels that register ball contact using vibration sensors. Although the Sutu is impressive enough to be used for professional soccer training, it is not limited to soccer! This ball wall is applicable to almost any ball sport, i.e. tennis or basketball. The ball wall is designed to be intuitive and easy to understand, and is therefore suitable for public areas. The versatile collection of games and ability to change degrees of difficulty make it accessible to all players. A vast library of games are available and new ones are constantly being developed.

A worldwide competition from home!

Exercise is essential, yet nowadays, children and young adults find it more difficult to be active, largely due to advanced technology. By focusing on modern interests, the Sutu ball wall combines technology with sport, encouraging young people to get outside and participate in interactive play. Active, friendly competition is spurred through the Sutu’s technological advancements. One of these impressive attributes being the competition App. Not only can users find ball walls close to their own location, but you can join a worldwide competition with international rankings! Players can earn badges for special achievements and see their friends’ high scores. The Sutu targets a wide range of skills, from acceleration to long passing, that allow it to serve as an excellent training tool.

Intelligent design

The Sutu ball wall is rigorously tested to ensure it is suitable for outdoor use. It is weather proof and resilient to vandalism. With our design capabilities, you can create your own unique, custom ball wall. The exterior and the content can be customized. Our design team can even work with you to create games tailored to your preferences, creating an entirely new sporting experience.

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