Wood playgrounds have been a popular choice for decades due to their sustainable source material and natural design. Choosing a wood playground brings the colors and shapes of the forest into the playground, allowing children to imagine great fairytales and play out their adventures. These are not your average wood playgrounds at MRC Recreation! We have partnered with Lappset to provide wood designs made with tight-grain northern pine from Finland. Read on to learn all about our modern Nordic wood playgrounds, and creative ways to bring the forest back into play.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

Wood is an ecological, environmentally friendly, renewable natural resource. Wood is also an excellent design material that can be formed into a plethora of shapes and support tall and heavy structures. Our wood is harvested from slow-growth, PEFC-certified commercial Finnish forests. You may be wondering: What is a PEFC certification? PEFC is the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, the main global forest certification system. This not only ensures that our wood is harvested sustainably, but also that the trees in the forest outgrow the ones that we harvest. Learn more on their website.

Kids playing on natural Nordic wood playground

Beautiful Wood Without Splintering

This organic material is suited for every climate, from harsh winters to southern sun and humid coastlines. However, untreated wood is susceptible to rot and splintering. We use a closed-process to treat our wood with environmentally friendly preservatives, giving it a gorgeous brown shimmer and a strong protective coating. This way your wood lasts years longer! This treated wood is used to create beautiful designs that bring the forest back into play. Our line of Flora play pieces are made with curved shapes and edges that mimic the atmosphere of the forest. Create your own magical play environment with free-standing, net and rope options, and playground structures.


Create A Cubic Tower with Wood

You can also create your own cubic tower with our Nordic wood, featuring HDPE paneling options and more design customizations. These innovative play towers and cubes are exciting architectural structures full of climbing and balancing activities on the inside and the option to connect with tunnels and slides. These are a great option for a small footprint, extending vertically within a compact space to create the treehouse of every kids’ dreams. Or go big with multiple towers! Work with one of our design professionals to create the tower of your dreams, made specifically for you.

Modern play tower made of Nordic wood with tube slide and colorful panels

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Choosing a wood playground is a great option if you are looking to bring the wonders of the forest to your play environment. Our playgrounds are made from the best wood – sustainable, from slow-growth forests, strong, and treated with a strong protective coating – providing you with a long-lasting Nordic wood playground or modern cubic tower.