MRC is excited to announce our new partnership with Yalp!

Yalp (Play spelled backwards) is an interactive play and sports equipment manufacturer. “Whether we like it or not, children these days have entertainment expectations that you and I could never have dreamt of in our childhoods,” said the Founder and CEO of Yalp, Ben Admiraal. “Today, I am incredibly proud to be able to say that we have succeeded in developing 5 high tech interactive concepts, that meet the demands of today’s world.”

What is interactive play?

Interactive play is where the digital and physical worlds around us meet. In short, it is “real-life gaming”. The electronic video game portion brings challenge, problem solving and a continued renewal of game options to play. It also carries the possibility of tailoring the play level to the needs and demands of the player. The physical portion brings benefits such as exercise, social interaction, teamwork and experiencing the outdoors in a healthy manner. Interactive play combines them into the best of both worlds!

Interactive play pieces allow the owner, whether it be a municipality, school, university, etc. to control it remotely via the internet. That may mean setting hours of operation when the pieces are useable, or setting up competitions amongst the community. The connection also allows Yalp to load new games with ease. As games become repetitive to the users, Yalp is constantly replacing them with new and improved games which are loaded to each system remotely.

Where does it go?

Interactive play equipment is suitable for all outdoor and indoor environments. Just like traditional play, interactive play can be performed anywhere! Yalp designs its equipment to be both accessible and inclusive for people of all ability levels and ages. We are proud to share a vision and mission with Yalp; to provide play opportunity for all.

Browse our five new interactive play structures below. Also be sure to incorporate space around or near the equipment for relaxation and rest. These activities are sure to get your heart pumping!

Kids playing with the Sutu soccer wallSutu Soccer Wall

Health-promoting and socially constructive
Remains challenging – games updates regularly
Mobile app to compete against friends and community
Fun for all ages and ability levels

Kids playing with the Sona dance and play arch

Sona Play Arch

Remains challenging – games updated regularly
Truly inclusive – transcends ages, physical and emotional barriers
Awesome workout – 40% more intensive than basketball
Intergenerational play – family fun 

DJ using Fono DJ boothFono DJ Booth

Durable robust design – vandalism resistant
Positive meeting place for young people
Music from your smartphone or pre-installed sounds
Red Dot award winner

Kids playing on the four goal Toro court

Toro Athletic Court

Great way for tactical and physical training
Social construction for larger and smaller groups
Interactive goals can be fit in any sports arena
Fun at any age – girls, boys, teens and adults

Kids playing on the Memo activity zoneMemo Activity Zone

Learning games – educational games
New game development – uploaded very easily
Combines the best of video games and outdoor play
Reinforces your classroom learning